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Submission standards


Contributions will be published as PDF files and will be made available for downloading.

As few footnotes as possible; footnotes and source references should be placed at the end of the contribution. Source references as in the following examples:


(1) Article

Bolten, Jürgen / Horst, Sabine (1991):
Geschäftskorrespondenz im Fremdsprachenunterricht: Interaktive und interkulturelle Prämissen computerunterstützten Sprachtrainings. In: Zielsprache Deutsch 22; 2, 93-98.

In the text:
(Bolten / Horst 1991: 95)

Andersen, Peter (1997):
Cues of Culture: The Basis of Intercultural Differences in Nonverbal Communication. In: Larry A. Samovar & Richard Porter (Eds.), Intercultural Communication, Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 244-254.

In the text:
(Andersen 1997: 249-250)

(2) Book

Hofstede, Geert (1991):
Cultures and Organizations: Software of the mind, London etc.: McGraw-Hill.

In the text:
(Hofstede 1991: 23)

(3) Internet source

Adler, Nancy J. (1998):

The Success of Women in International Business. Web page, 21 April 1998
<http://www. tradewinds-tv.com/program10/en1030.html>

In the text:
(Adler 1998)


Adler, Nancy J. (Success of Women):
The Success of Women in International Business. Web page
<http://www. tradewinds-tv.com/program10/en1030.html> (Last accessed June 1999)

In the text:
(Adler, Success of Women)